CASA Fashion Show

Last month, TV star Aaron Paul of β€œBreaking Bad” fame returned to his hometown of Boise, ID, for a special preview of his show’s season finale. Last weekend, award-winning fashion designer Bryce Black returned to his hometown of Twin Falls, ID, for an exclusive fashion show and benefit! Bryce, unfortunately, did not receive as much media attention with his homecoming as Aaron did… But I have a feeling that will change in the near future!
Friends, meet Bryce Black: innovator, fashion designer, Project Runway contestant, Idaho native! Many Idahoans seem unaware that one of their own is taking the fashion world by storm, but the storm is definitely growing, as this amazing young man’s fame and reputation gathers steam! As a fan of Project Runway, Bryce Black has been on my radar, and I was thrilled last weekend when I had the opportunity to meet him in person, watch his homecoming/fashion show in Twin Falls, and do an exclusive photo shoot with him!!! For a little hometown blogger like me, to shoot with a major designer, is nothing short of spectacular. I was pretty much on cloud nine the entire time!
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Be Free Bitches!

When I was auditioning for Project Runway I remember Michael Khors pointing out that my personal style did not reflect my designs. I designed for the eccentric types who no matter the occasion dressed for the stage. It is a dream to dress popstars, off-beat fashion icons and eccentric heiresses. Having no sense of self was reflecting in my dress and eventually my designs. I looked outside of my self for who I was and found that I was trying to please everyone which is a hopeless feeling because it is impossible. As the show played out I tried to design for the judges, the viewers and anyone else who would set their gaze my way. The result was watered-down designs and undesirable designer. 

I've since practiced expressing myself fearlessly and seen a much greater outcome. After a fashion show I hope for a room full of people that love and hate what I just created. To strike no emotion would be a disaster. It is more important to get them talking about you than loving you. Sometimes you have to be the dog that bites a few asses to get the heard moving ;)