Bryce Black

Creative Director / Fashion Designer / Stylist 

From the wide-open spaces of Southern Idaho to the hustle and bustle of the fashion world, I have come along way from draping Barbies in floor length gowns made of toilet paper. 

Educated at The Art Institute of Portland, I received a degree in Apparel Design in 2011. A month after graduation, I found myself auditioning for Project Runway and became one of twenty contestants on season nine. On Project Runway, I was able to design a collection for New York Fashion Week. My work was featured in Marie Claire, US Weekly, and NY MAG. Later I ran a successfully funded campaign in 2012 and was named Best Emerging Menswear Designer at the 2013 Portland Fashion and Style Awards.  

I have worked as a Photo/Concept Stylist for commercial photography, a Freelance Fashion Designer for independent clothing brands, and Creative Director of my own custom clothing line. Working side by side with creative directors, art directors, and photographers has expanded my understanding how to dynamically create and present product for the intended market. I pride myself in meeting deadlines with a fully realized product.